About Us

Know more about us in depth!

The Company

Kitty Garden Store (KGS) started in January 2013. This company is both a graphic design and a marketing company. We produce these kitties artwork to be used on products, promote them by online and offline.

Subsidiary Company

We have established a subsidiary company, named Kitty Garden Trading Sdn Bhd (KGT) to involve in trading business, for Kitty Garden's product. KGT is in charge of warehousing and distribution.


To be popular among mothers & kids by making them happy with cute and high quality products.


To become one of the most well known cartoon across Asia.

The Founding History

Years ago, we found an injured mother cat with her kittens from a drain. Out of symphathy, we adopted them. She was given the name "Fat Mama" as she was quite big in size.

An amazing thing happened when we first fed her. She didn't eat even though she was starving, but instead, she let the food to be given to her kitten first.

This action of mother greatness inspired us to make it as a cartoon named “Kitty Garden” where the story is mainly about how a mother cat taking care of her kittens in a farm garden.

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Asia Market

We strive to make the brand strong, reaching every family in Asia.

Throughout the years, we have been working closely with all our business partners on expanding Kitty Garden popularity. Thanks to them, KG has now available the following 10 countries:

Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh, China, UAE.

Target Customer & Fans

We are always in the know about our potential fans / customers. We have concluded the following groups in age:

Age 3-12: Kid

Kids are absolutely our main fans as Kitty Garden cartoon is made to serve them. Cuteness and colors are the 2 important elements that will grab their attention.

Age 13-17: Teenage Girl

Generally speaking, teenage girls have no buying power but surprisingly, we found that they are active in spreading our news and graphics on the internet.

Age 22-45: Mother

Undoubtedly, Mother is of course our main customer group. Mother is the key decision maker in purchasing Daily Necessities (FMCG) for the family.

Branding Strategy

How to make a brand stands firmly when there are a lot of competitors around? Here are our strategies:

Fast Moving Consumer Goods(FMCG)

Daily Necessities or also known as FMCG, is KG's main product range. In Asia, this product range is the best to spread and gain popularity in terms of speed & pricing.

Mother-Age Staff/Promoter

We discovered that there is no barrier between mothers in terms of communication. Therefore our staff usually also mothers, who have no communication gap to introduce the products.

Family Activity

Mothers often bring her kids to visit supermarket during weekend to purchase Daily Necessities (FMCG). Therefore mostly our promotional activities will be held within supermarket outlet to reach them accurately.